Road Tour Alps 2021

My motorbike road tour in this year took 4600 km from Brunswick in the northern part of Germany along the Harz, Odenwald, Black Forest, Bodensee to the Alps by Garmisch-Partenkirschen and to Berchtesgaden. I also took some trips to Austria like the Timmelsjoch or the Hahntennjoch pass. I almost took back the route but different roads. At the end I drove a big L-shape course through Germany.

Most pictures were taken with the Nikon Z7ii and the great 24-70/2,8. It is fantastic how greate the performance of the standard zoom is. It is sharper than my primes of the D850 (i.e. 35/1,8). And I was also surprised that the smart phone pictures are usable. At least I took only the main lens and not the super wide or “tele” lens.


One thought on “Road Tour Alps 2021

  1. Lieber Ingo. Ich staune du hast immer auch Glück mit dem Wetter .Tolle blaue Himmel das macht das Bild dann auch vollkommen. Danke für die schöne Fotos.Gr magdalena.


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