Germany – low mountain range

Due to Covid 19 I had to rearrange my motorbike tour from south France – Cevenne – Nice – Alps, to Germany. Near by my home village Brunswick are a lott of low mountain areas. Between Kassel, Köln, Frankfurt a.M. and Hannover is more or less nature: low mountains, valleys, small dreaming villages and forest. A kind of good old Germany – it really fits most stereotypical of Germany. A second week I drove by car in he area of Mainz – Frankfurt – Würzburg and Speyer.

I was surprised how beautiful Germany is. Not as spectecular like Iceland but a kind of romantic scenery. Due to Covid19 I have discovered Germany´s middle area with al the “low mountain range”.


One thought on “Germany – low mountain range

  1. Lieber Ingo .Es war wieder ein Genuß deine Bilder anzugucken. Solche schöne satte Farben.Deutschland ist schön.
    Nach Corona sollst du mal in Holland Bilder machen das ist auch sehr empfehlenswert.Liebe Grüße Magdalena.


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