Iceland 2016

Some older pictures from my trip in May 2016 to Iceland. I focused me on the locations around Vík and Hekla.

It was a nice trip. I traveled alone, so it was easy to stay at the locations as long as I liked. This was great, just resting and enjoying the nature.

I tryed to take some long time exposures, but the Leica is not the best for this.

I used my Leica M246. Nice camera with even more nicer lenses (21/3,4; 35/1,4; 50/2,0; 75/2,0). But the camera is lacking long time exposure capability by the sensor. The longest time is 60 sec. And even at 30 sec. you will get a very flat picture. Maybe only 4 stops of dynamic range. Scenes with more contrast are not been handled by the Leica. The shadows turn simply black. If you try to exposure longer (10s -> 30s), the shadows are getting even blacker.

This was the reason, why I sold the camera with the lenses. Leica is more for street photography. And i am in love with long time exposures. So we had to say goodbye.

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