Iceland Aurora

I am on Iceland again. Hunting for Aurora and some winter pictures on Snaefellsnes.

The Sylvester Night was very successful. Here my best of picture from Aurora over Kirkjufell. How do you like it?


But this was more or less the only night with Aurora AND good visibility.

And now the slightly longer story.

Our Welcome in the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura. Nice rooms and a delicious buffet and Welcome Sheep.


First night in Reykjavik we tried the spot at the Seltjarnarnesbaer lighthouse spot with view to Akranes. We had some luck to catch an Aurora between the clouds.



Next day we moved to Snaefellsnes. On the the way we stopped near by Selvallavatn to take some pictures of the sheep´s water fall. I was touched by the curving road. A little “Secret life of Walter Mitty”.


At the evening the checked by the last day light the location at Kirkjufell. In the night we got the present of some auora and almost cloud free sky.


Today we are waiting for better weather. We got some snow storm warning. And yes, we got some snow. But don´t panic. Just a little tricky for taking pictures…


But we managed to have some nice view at Budir Church and at Gatklettur.


Next day we had 20 cm of snow. First we had to grub out the car, because the snowplow put to much to the side for the VW mini van. The first stop was the sun rise at Kirkjufell. Later we took the sun set east of Grundarfjördur near by Berserkjahraun.


After 20 cm Snow and -6°C in the night with great Aurora in the Sylvester night we got +10°C next day with wind up to 70 km/h. Befor the heavy rain started we had the luck to get dramatic clouds at sunset by the lonely Ingjaldshóls church. One hour later at Londrangar the wind was even stronger and the sky turned black. The wind gets so strong, that the VW minivan was pushed a little bit to the side on the icy road.

Today its sill stormy and it´s raining cats and dogs. Good time to develop the pictures…


Today we visit Stykkishólmur. I guess the town get famous after the helicopter scene in Secret Live of Walter Mitty. It is a nice fisher town. And we had the luck to get again very interesting clouds before some new rain clouds appeared.


Our last photo stop to the way back to Keflavík was at Hraunfossa. It is the location, there the river flowing under the lava field appears.


Some word to the used equipment:

I used my Nikon D810 and a heavy tripod. Most of the time I was using my Sigma 1,8/14. This is great not only for aurora photography. If you click on the small pictures you can see them in big and you can see the used lens and the settings.

If you like the pictures it would be nice to get a like from you.


2 thoughts on “Iceland Aurora

  1. Lieber Ingo. Es ist dir wieder gelungen sagenhafter Fotos zu machen, das macht Spaß sie an zu gucken .Danke!! Weiter so ich freue mich darauf. Gr. Magdalena.


  2. Lieber Ingo, ich bin wieder beeindruckt von den Fotos. Es ist einfach ein Erlebnis sie anzuschauen. Grüße . With


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