We were relaxing at the south of Spain and enjoyed the blue sky and warm sea or pool. Besides relaxing we visited some amazing cities as Granada, Cordoba or Sevilla.

The architecture of the Moors was very impressive. I collect some of my architecture pictures besides some landscapes.

Alhambra, Granada

For me one of the most fascinating have been the Alhambra. The architecture and the culture was so advanced and is still impressing.

After 10 hours of Alhambra and Granada we traveled back. The family was not amused to wait for sunset…

I was using again my X-T2s. The Zeiss 12mm was attached to the one X-T2 and the Fuji 1,4/35 was used on the other X-T2. This was a great tandem. It allowed me not to carry the forbidden rucksack and I was quite fast. Unfortunately we only got tickets for a guided tour. But it was great to here the explanation by earphone and to take pictures in parallel. I would recommend a guided tour. They are great.


With my sun apps SunPositionMap I calculated the correct time for taking picture of the new bridge, which is easy shaded by the two hills. I also found a good point the Ronda Bridge View Point. I thought. But no clouds for long time exposure. Not the best spot. So I tried to get closer by climbing up the hill. It was so hot and tiring even with the light weight Fuji. Impressive view, but not satisfying me.

Some hours later I walked from the city to the Mirador puente nuovo de Ronda. Much easier, much better view on the bridge AND the small water fall. But a little late. The bridge entered into the shade.


Malaga is a lovely city. Very nice for shopping and just inhale the Spanish way of live.


I was again impressed by the Islamic architecture of the Moors about 1000 years ago. The mosque appears like a forest of more than 800 pillars. Not so easy for me to control the picture. Also because the Christians put a church into the mittle of the mosque.


Sevilla is a very beautiful city. We were impressed by the down town, the old and beautiful buildings, the atmosphere, but also from the size. First we planed only to visit the Alcacar. And sure, after seeing the cathedral from the outside, we had to go in. We were overwhelmed from the cathedral. Sevilla as the gate to the new world, was so rich. The cathedral demonstrates this opulence.

The Alcazar was not so impressive. A hint: first visiting the Alcazar bevor visiting the Alhambra. The Alhambra is something so special. It is very difficult to compete.

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One thought on “Andalusia

  1. Ich bin begeistert! Wiedereinmal wunderschöne Aufnahmen. Da kommen bei uns Erinnerung zu Ronda der Alhambra hoch…ich bin total begeistert!!!


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