Eastern 2018 I visited Venice. Early in the morning I took the opportunity to enjoy the almost tourist free city at the blue hour. Venice has a very special atmosphere between romantic and patina.

With the light weight Fuji X-T2 and my small Lee sev5n ND filters I was able to take some long time exposures. Currently my favorite style. Especially the 14, 23 and the 56 mm lenses did their job great. And the pack was light enough to be carried the hole day long.

Bugged by the often lens changing I decided back home to purchase the 16-55/2.8. But… The image quality is so much better (even) on my 23/2 and so,so much better on my 56/1,2, that I decided better to be bugged by the lens changing than by the lens quality especially on the long and of the 16-55/2.8.
Only the 35/2 is as bad as the zoom lens… Maybe I got a bad one, or did you make the same experience?

Hope you enjoy my pictures.

I have seen in the statistics, that I have also some visitors from USA. So I practice my English now a little…

If you have some questions about the places or the gear, feel free to contact me.


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